L.I. Mathematics

Mathematics Tutoring

I tutor for a range of subjects including the ones described on this website (algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus). 

The full list of subjects I tutor for is as follows:

Algebra 1


Trigonometry/Algebra 2


Calculus AB

College Algebra

College Calculus 1

SAT Math*

ACT Math*

I don't handle statistics of any kind except what is found in the beginning algebra courses. 

My rates vary based on subject. I also have special rates for prepaid, Skype and group lessons. If you have questions regarding rates please send me an           or give me a

I strongly believe that low quality work is not deserving of compensation, thus I will not charge for a lesson which you feel is below your standards. 

*Subjects not available for online tutoring

Subjects Available For Tutoring Services