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There is a lot of talk about the new Common Core Curriculum. Most of it involves frustrated parents who can't understand their child's work, and students failing because the material makes no sense. Since the Common Core started rolling out for algebra and geometry, trigonometry soon to follow, I have been reading the modules to make sure I keep on top of the material. This gives me the ability to help a student with their questions without being confused myself. Once I go through the modules, I pick and choose important notes and condense it all into a manageable study sheet. The Common Core need not be a scary thing because with proper guidance, everyone can pass. 

I graduated from WFHS, class of 2010, followed by SUNY Stony Brook for a Bachelors in Mathematics. I gave up engineering for math in my second year of college and started tutoring services as a side job. Tutoring quickly became a big commitment so I decided to pursue it more professionally. Since then I have been helping students raise their grades and self confidence through consistency and hard work.

My approach to mathematics is simple. I use a ground up approach so if there's a misunderstanding about certain techniques or methods being used, I will explain and show examples on the most basic level before proceeding to the higher difficulties. Lots of times tutors will just spoon feed students the answer. This kind of baseless approach doesn't teach kids to think and tinker with the problem and does absolutely nothing for their long term retainment. Instead of this, I give hints little by little so my students have a chance to solve the problem themselves bit by bit and recall everything they learned in class. If they're not able to do so, we go back to the beginning of the matter with definitions, methods, and examples relevant to the harder question. 

There are, of course, lots and lots of different ways of doing different problems. I make sure to show a student every possible way that the question can be organized and solved and they choose which works best for them. Some like doing A'B+AB' for derivatives and some like HDL+DHL, but that tiny change in lettering is the difference between a 70 and 90. 

​I have many references to back up my work as a math tutor but my work will speak for itself. If you're not satisfied on the first lesson, you don't ever have to see me again and I will not charge you a penny. That's my guarantee.

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Let's face it. Being a student is hard work. And not understanding something your rivals do is frustrating. I focus on making sure all my students are able to get the necessary attention from me so that they can make strides in improving their academic standing. I do my best to always be as available as possible and have my phone on me to answer occasional and last minute questions. If there is a student struggling with math, I will not hesitate to give them a helping hand. 

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